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Ambrosi Whites for Summer
Trunk Show Manila March 30 & 31
Trunk Show Hong Kong June 10 & 11

Tried to sabotage Guido by feeding him Roti Prata at 10pm, but ended up with indigestion myself..FML
P.S> Note fancy ASHIN cross-footed stance.

Day 2 & all is good in the land of humidity & heat..
* had drinks with the men of The Rake then caught up with a my good friend Gerald who will be embarking on a very exciting sartorial project in SIN - stay tuned..

Liverano & Liverano

by S. Charlie Weyman

Most people think of suits as being British, Italian, or American - the first being “structured,” the second “softly tailored,” and the third a “sack cut.” But what a suit looks like can be much more complicated than that. There can be curves and lines throughout the jacket that give the wearer a certain look. Here are some of the main details that make up a suit’s silhouette.
Shoulders: Every jacket hangs from the shoulders. The more padded the shoulders are, the more horizontal they’ll be; the less padded, the rounder and more sloped (relative to the wearer’s natural shoulders). The shoulders then meet at the sleeve at what’s called the “sleevehead.” This area can have a prominent ridge running along the crown of the sleeve (making it a roped shoulder); a light ridge, but still generally running flat (a natural shoulder); or be knocked down and have a low profile (a bald shoulder).

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