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Proper fit in pictures - The Japanese way


Scanned some images from the October 2011 issue of Men’s Ex, I found it to be quite useful as a rough guide.

1. Shoulders - make sure they are clean and smooth, not bumpy
2. Sleeves - should show 1/2” - 3/4” of sleeve
3. Jacket length - should cover your ass
4. Pant break - no break

Let the pictures do the talking!


(Source: , via imtsintsi)


Flying back to Milano

Nick, Jake and Alan all in The Armoury AMJ-03 jacket. Soft, extended shoulder with a full, classic lapel. Available in store or from

The Shivering Break.
The Prince of Wales, Toronto, 1927.


MC on the roof of No.3 Haberdasher Street wearing, amongst a plethora of other superbly crafted pieces, a Drake’s small knot Grenadine in Forest Green.

I mull my shoes a lot, I’m a real bore at parties
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