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What to aim for: no collar gap where the shirt collar and suit collar sits and no divots at the shoulders. But yes to discrete pocket square placement not some origami swan, yes to a clean color scheme and yes to SPALLA CAMICIA which is the waterfall effect where the sleeve head meets shoulder line .. Just enough to not look like a pirate shirt .. Details you can expect when engaging with the team at @pjohnsontailors .. Also there’s some change in the pipeline, @wearwithoutcare is coming ..

Blue Linen Suit & Paisley Silk Tie

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Hong Kong「Takahiro in Monochrom」LEICA M (Monochrom)・LEICA SUMMARIT 75mm f2.5by ethandesu

Hong Kong「Qemal in Monochrom」LEICA M (Monochrom)・LEICA SUMMARIT 75mm f2.5by ethandesu

Simone Righi.

This Saturday, July 26th Huw Griffith-Jones from Fox Umbrellas will be in store to assist clients with made-to-order umbrellas and walking sticks.
Getting something custom made, whether it be shoes, tailored clothing, or accessories is always an exciting experience.  Yes, it’s a little nerdy and, yes, it’s a little particular but having something made just for yourself will always beat the feeling of immediate retail satisfaction.  It’s always a bit more special.
The options from Fox are quite extensive, offering a variety of woods, canopy colors, finishing details, and monogramming options as well as custom lengths and little tweaks.
At the very least, it’ll help prevent you from leaving it at the bar.
Fox Umbrellas
July 26th at The Armoury NYC

Antonio Ciongoli (Eidos).
Source: Glober

Qemal, Taka, Antonio

Ciccio in progress via Shinaples instagram
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